Worship Services Resume Sunday September 13th 9:30am

Masks and six feet social distancing required.

The chair lift to the sanctuary will not be operating, but you are welcome to listen to the audio service downstairs.

If you are uncomfortable in public spaces, wearing a mask or have pre-existing health concerns, please feel free to stay in the comfort of your own home. You are not required to attend according to the United Methodist Church.

I AM – Spencer Worship 8-30-2020

Sunday service was led by Rev. Dylan Parson

Catch up on the go with the Podcast below.

Fairhaven Service 9-20-20 Fairhaven United Methodist Church

Sunday service was led by Rev. Dylan Parson.
  1. Fairhaven Service 9-20-20
  2. I AM – Spencer Worship 8-30-2020
  3. Catch And Release – Spencer Worship 8-23-2020
  4. Maintain – Spencer Worship 8-16-2020
  5. Sunday Service August 2 2020