South Hills Partnership Worship Service Update

As you likely know, the governor’s order for limiting gatherings expired this Monday, January 4th. Accordingly, conversations have begun about returning to in-person worship in the South Hills Partnership. This Sunday, January 10th, we will remain online-only.

For the immediate future, here is where each church stands so far:

  • Carnegie and Spencer plan to reopen for worship next Sunday, January 17th, at their usual times (9:30 and 11). 
    • Waiting for the 17th rather than the first Sunday after the order is lifted gives us a full two-week “quarantine period” after the New Year holiday, and additionally will allow us to get a clearer picture of COVID-19 trends as testing picks back up.
  • Fairhaven and Hill Top have not yet made plans to open their sanctuaries for worship, and the leadership of the congregations will be in discussion moving forward.

Please be aware that–to my knowledge–we are currently at the highest number of COVID cases among the people of the Partnership that we’ve yet seen. Even as the end of the pandemic is finally on the horizon, we are still in a very difficult time. I ask your continued caution and patience, as well as prayers for those suffering from the virus, for those who mourn, and for those engaged in medical and front-line work.
Additionally, you should be aware that free COVID testing is available locally if you need it, including at Fairhaven on Thursdays. There are limited walk-ups, but you can also register in advance at Fairhaven is also blessed to be a vaccination site for medical personnel and EMS, and hopes to offer vaccinations for the general public as it becomes available.

South Hills Partnership Christmas Eve Service

This year, Christmas Eve will be different.

Instead of gathering together in full sanctuaries, we’ll await the promised coming of our Savior with a bit more quiet and anticipation.

Maybe it’ll look and feel a bit more like that first Christmas so many years ago.

However, we will still lift our hearts and praises before God together!

 This Christmas Eve, the South Hills Partnership churches will share one service, broadcasting live online at 7pm.

The service will feature participation from each one of the SHP congregations, a joyful opportunity we’ve never been able to share before.

Join us for worship this Thursday evening, as we welcome our newborn King. As always, the service will be streamed on the South Hills Partnership page on Facebook, or you may access it here.

Sarris Candy Fundraiser

Would you like to send a box of chocolate to someone for the holidays? You can order from Sarris chocolates website, and Fairhaven Church will receive the profit.

The items are priced exactly the same as they are sold in your local stores. The difference….Fairhaven gets the profit instead of retailers.

The beauty is that Sarris will package and send your order without you ever leaving your home! Want to send something to Aunt Betty in Biloxi? Cousin Ethel in Erie? Niece Donna in Dearborn? Best friend Tony in Talahassee?

Simply follow the following steps:

*click ‘fundraising’

*click ‘online ordering’


* enter group i.d.# 10-0303

*continuestart shopping and then checkout!