Church schedule and Coronavirus

Brothers and sisters,

As we respond as a Partnership to the COVID-19 coronavirus, our first priority is to keep one another safe and healthy as best we can.

We will be having worship services this Sunday, March 14th, and will be taking measures within the service to reduce the spread of germs. However, I would strongly encourage you to stay home if you are sick or have a weakened immune system. Even if you are remotely concerned about getting sick, please feel free to stay home. Know that you will be in our prayers in your absence, but your health and that of others is the most important priority for the church.

We are all in this together, healthy or sick, young or old. Now, more than ever, we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, as our decisions and actions directly impact the lives of countless others around us. Seek God’s will as you discern how to take care of other people and yourself. As a church, too, let’s consider how those of us who are most able can actively help those most in need among us at this time. Of course, please keep all of those affected in your prayers.

Note that all SHP churches will be closing for at least two weeks following this Sunday (that is, from Monday, March 16th through Sunday, March 29th), alongside other local congregations and school districts across Pennsylvania.

More information will be coming soon, including about how we might be able to worship online in lieu of gathering together.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Dylan