2014 Ugandan Mission Trip: How you can Help

“Everything UCS does is designed to show people the love of Jesus through improving the quality of lives.”- Nancy Denardo

Ugandan Mission Trip 2014
September 26 – October 19, 2014

Three people from the South Hills Partnership are traveling once again to serve God and the people of Uganda. Kay and Jeff Rahuba from Carnegie UMC, and Pastor Sue Hutchins will be representing you during the 2014 Mission Trip. You can help make this trip possible. You can make a difference in the lives of the people of Uganda, and the people who have been called to go on this fall’s mission trip. HOW?

  • By pledging to pray for the team member and the people of Uganda.
  • By financially supporting one of the team members or the mission in general.
  • By collecting the following items and bringing them into your local church. All items needed by Sunday, September 7.

We have an eye doctor as a part of the team. These two items are the most needed to enable her work to be effective. Dollar Tree has Eye Drops and “Cheater glasses”.

    • “Cheater Eyeglasses” Magnifying strength 2.0 – 4.0 (no prescription glasses).
    • Over the Counter Eyedrops, Generic is fine. Any Kind: Plain, Visine or Murine Type, Allergy, Redness Removal
    • Generic Tums or other Antacids, Large Bottles
    • Toothbrushes, individually wrapped (no toothpaste, weighs too much)
    • Triple antibiotic ointment, generic is fine
    • Infant Tylenol and Motrin, generic is fine
    • Used Neckties in good condition
    • Hankies for Ladies (can be plain white or colors- men’s brands are ok)
    • Children’s items:

Ballons, stickers, small inflatable beach balls (Oriental Trading has them); Soccer balls with needles and pumps, volley balls and nets, badminton sets, friendship bracelets

  • Other light weight items like plastic cross necklaces or bracelets, bible/book markers.

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