The Path Of Prayer

Sunday Service was led by Peg Bowman and the Sermon was titled “The Path Of Prayer”.

Practicing Prayer

Adoration Confession Thanksgiving Supplication

John Wesley’s advice for the effective reading of Scripture.

➤ Set aside time every day for reflection on Scripture.

➤ Read with the single intention of knowing the will of God, and make your own resolution to follow it.

➤ Begin your time with prayer so that your understanding of Scripture is shaped by the Spirit who inspired it. Close your Scripture reading in prayer so that words you read will be embedded in your heart.

➤ Pause to examine yourself by what you read in order to praise God for the ways your life has conformed to God’s will and to be conscious of the ways to which you have fallen short.

➤ Use whatever insight you receive immediately so that the written word will have its full power in your life.

Practicing Prayer Download
Practicing Prayer

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